What is TeachYou?

TeachYou is a simple application that allows teachers to upload videos of their classes, either a screencast of their own desktop or an actual in class setting. They will also be able to upload the lecture notes of that class. This will allow the student to watch the videos, listen to the teacher, all while being able to see the notes right next to the video.

How do students use TeachYou?

A student simply has to sign up to the website and, using the link provided by the instructor for the class, join the class. They will then be able to see the videos the teacher has posted. When they open a video, they will see the video on the left and the lecture notes on the right. This way they can listen, watch, and read without having to have multiple windows open. If the students screen is small, the lecture notes will show up below the video.

Who created TeachYou?

A student who was learning Ruby from an online class created this application. He was watching the videos for his class and was realized how much easier it would be if the lecture notes for the class where right next to the video. This way he wouldn't have to scroll up and down and miss what the teacher was doing, or continuously switch between windows.

Visit his website here.

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